How to Make a Moringa Latte

How to Make a Moringa Latte

Move over, matcha. Step aside, Turmeric.

Moringa lattes are about to be the new thing.

If you're looking for caffeine free way to jump-start your day, there's no better way than the Moringa Latte.

Loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and healthy fat, the Moringa Latte is both Mind & Body boosting.

If you're already drinking Turmeric Latte's you may want to give Moringa a try instead.

A recent study found Moringa to be a stronger anti-inflammatory than Turmeric.

But chances are you already know about all the other amazing benefits of Moringa, so let's just get to it.

The simplest recipe is just 3 ingredients!

  1. Moringa Powder
  2. Coconut Milk
  3. Any Sweetener

But, as you’ll see below there are many variations and upgrades depending on your taste or diet.

First, the easiest way.


Care to indulge yourself a little more?

This incredible Moringa Latte recipe from TasteMade’s Jenny Barber uses almond butter, cashew milk, and maca powder for an incredibly rich and nourishing “Magical Moringa Latte”

“I sub this for my morning cup of coffee from time to time and I still get the same natural energy boost”

TasteMade’s Magical Moringa Latte [click to view video]

Also, you don’t actually have to choose between Turmeric or Moringa. You can combine them to make a lovely, warming Green & Golden Milk like they’ve been drinking in India for thousands of years.


You could even add Cacao powder to make an ultimate coffee free pick me up.

Experiment with it! Moringa Latte’s are already starting to takeover Instagram.

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