Breastfeeding Moms Love Moringa (152% Boost in Milk Supply)

Breastfeeding Moms Love Moringa (152% Boost in Milk Supply)

Spend time in Mommy forums and you’ll see a constant flow of new Mommies looking for natural (and of course organic) ways to boost “BM 4 LO” (that’s Breast Milk for Little One 😉 ).

From Fenugreek to Blessed Thistle or Shatavari, there’s no shortage of herbal teas for mothers to try.

More recently, Moms have taken favor to Moringa.

Moringa Oleifera has a solid track record. It has proven safe and effective for new Moms and and it’s much more versatile than herbal teas.

Moringa has been used for decades in it’s native countries as a natural galactagogue (a food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk) and there are now several lactation supplements made of mostly or wholly Moringa Oleifera leaf powder (Pro-Lacta, Go-Lacta and more).

What Mothers love most about Moringa is that it can be taken like a tea or also mixed with fresh juice. It can be added to food recipes such as soups, smoothies, salads, breads, and even omelettes or it can just be taken in capsule form.

There have been several scientific studies verifying the increases in milk supply, with one study showing an increase of 152% by day 5! All of those studies are reviewed in one scientific analysis found here.

Another study showed higher, healthier weight gain in babies whose mothers supplemented Moringa.

Moringa is also high in Iron and Calcium which helps Mommy maintain energy, bone strength and well-being.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Below are some links to our favorite Mommy forum threads talking about Moringa.

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Are you a Mommy that’s had success with Moringa? Got a question for us? Leave a comment below or on FB!

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